I Am Headed To The Water

I am headed to the water, it pulls me in an almost magnetic way and like magic it sends me back home feeling full of all the light I need to be my best self. Do you have a place you can go, a thing you can do that fills you so full that it spills out all over your day? I have always been drawn to the water but recently became the new owner of a not new but new to me stand up paddle board and it has been this gift of light and balance in my life. The irony in it all is that paddle boarding requires balance and yet it is paddle boarding that gives me balance. I know everyone has their own thing that fills their soul but I think my reason for writing this is that I hope you know what that is and even if you really aren’t to sure I hope you begin that little piece of self care to learn what it could be. Then, when you do know, I hope you can find the time in your little corner of the world to create space for your magic.

For me, I always felt the pull but never really understood my need for it and the reality of that truth and the impact on my life knowing and accepting that.  I make the time for solo paddles to workout and start my day at sunrise or a lunch break paddle in the middle of the workday and then when the time allows I like to create space for a longer weekend paddle with a dear friend and truly I find myself just wanting to plan more and more of those longer paddle adventures.   

I am headed to the water and there I will see the sunlight dancing on the water leaving a trail just for me. The winds create the mood for the day, and those flat water days well they are my favorite. Today there is a wind though, and it may even be to strong, but loading this new not so new but new to me board into my honda crv and heading east. Whistle in my pocket and my pfd belt to cross off the required paddle accessories and today I am taking my go pro without the right attachments to try capture a little of the magic. It almost doesn’t even matter how long I am out, even a few minutes out there will be worth it. I am headed to the water, a little balancing to feel more balanced.

Good morning Sunshine

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