Bring Your Shadow

I have heard many say how happy they are that it is a new year and we are no longer in the year 2020. I am one of those people myself actually, but I can’t stop thinking, it is up to me to make it a great year. It is all up to me to make it a year to celebrate. We know more now, we are living through a pandemic and we are stronger and wiser. We have faced challenges of all different kinds and we have all had some changes to our perspective on life in some way. Today, may you find a way to step into this day with a knowing that the way we approach anything and everything that comes into our lives, we get to choose how to respond to it. May you feel your own power today, all day, and let that be your shadow you take with you for the rest of 2021. Go out there today and live your best life and make 2021 your year and one you make great, one day at a time.

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