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Hey There…….I am glad you stopped by, my name is Kim and I am……

Leaning into life everyday

To know me is to know my family is my world and I am very fortunate to have just entered the Gramma club this year with what has to be the cutest little boy in the world, sorry to disappoint all the other grammas.  

A nature lover, I feel distracted and grasping for air on days I can’t get outdoors in nature and feel the world around me.  I love to travel and haven’t been near enough places yet.  My bucket list only grows with every place I visit instead of getting smaller.  When I travel I like to immerse myself and absorb whatever I can and photography allows me to do that. I am finally learning to allow myself to write the words and share my story.  

At the core, I love life and truly believe we can create our best lives by leaning in a little every day.  Find your vision and build your energy around it.  Share your story and empower others around you.