I Remember the Feeling

I long to go back to a place I believe I only recall in my imagination; I wonder often if it is a real memory or one I have created in my mind and it settled in deep.  The windows open and riding in the back of a car down a winding dusty dirt road and the fields rich with wheat, I didn’t know it was wheat then, I am certain I only saw it gently blowing in the breeze and found it beautiful and peaceful only later learning more.  A young girl from a small town with not a lot of farming to be seen, the vastness of the property open fields and a tractor in the distance felt so open and inviting.  The house when we pulled up was old and vacant but I remember the feeling, a knowing of family there.  The floor creaked, the wind blew through the open field and I wonder now was it real or is it my imagination? I want to go back, I want to sit on the front porch and go back to a more simple time.  Leave my busy life behind and bring only my camera and a journal and slow down enough to capture the simple.   Bottle up the energy I pull in from taking the time away from notifications and to do’s and slowly when I need it, release a little from the bottle to let in a little simple ease and grace into this busy and amazingly wonderful life of mine.  I realize now in the wisdom that comes with age how important those moments in nature are and the many gifts we can receive when we make time to be in the moment.  Creating our lives isn’t just about a specific art, it is about quieting everything else so you can hear your own voice well enough to be drawn to living your best and most beautiful life knowing that is the art.  The world needs the art of you!

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Create moments worthy of a memory

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