Turning Inside Out

These past 12 months turned me inside out and at times dragged me by my ankles through struggle, life somehow knowing I was ready for more.  Time introduced me to a new perspective and a window into the beauty of this journey we take to ourselves.  These days that made up 2019, I stood on my own two feet in new ways and yet found peace and rest within the loving support of my husband.  I found awe and felt gratitude from the two who are my greatest life accomplishment, their loving hearts, independent nature and endless gratitude. The love, time & care I gave to them over many years washed over me with a clarity of how much it all matters, the love and the time poured into them with an open heart.  They are the best parts of me and my journey.  This year, I walked through moments I felt I had it figured out only to learn I don’t know the half of it yet, not really.  I found a new level of peace in nature only to know I will never go back to my old ways of halfhearted appreciation, and learned that the gasping for air indoors that I feel is real and my breath only returns to normal outdoors.    And sharks, they are in the waters circling at times but facing them with courage and grace leads to a new appreciation of life and our journey and a sweetness that can come from overcoming fear.  There are new lands my feet touched and some I may never get back to again.  Lands I had only dreamed of, only to learn there are many gifts that can come from walking straight into your dreams, the awe inspired magnitude of standing in those moments. There were lands I never even thought of touching but found there is a beauty in the new places.  We can learn from all of the feet that have walked before us and are now walking beside us if we open ourselves to it.  New people swiftly moved into my life at a record fast pace and some were just passing through quickly, only there to share a bit of wisdom and a piece of who they are and what they know.  Old and dear friends elevating anything and everything I ever could know about friendship and sisterhood to a new beautiful level.  This year I learned patience and appreciating the slowness, the wait.  New worlds opened up inside of me as I watched life happening through new eyes and new life, my heart broke open only to become more full with a widened family circle and deeper love.  These past 12 months hold all the wonders my eyes got to see, the moments the miracles, the struggles and power in overcoming, the abundance of love, and with new vision I look forward knowing I can continue to create my life in the days ahead and take with me, all of it, every single bit of wonder, awe & love.  Oh with eyes & heart wide open what beauty lies ahead as I lean into my journey?

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Turning Inside Out

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  1. Absolutely beautiful words and a great testimony to what life has to offer if we just slow down and learn to appreciate. Just beautiful!! I’m glad I’m on this journey with you my friend!

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